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Beautiful Broken Rules - Kimberly Lauren I so wanted to like this book more but I just couldn't. It started really promising and I really liked Em as a character but honestly with time she became really annoying and I didn't feel anything toward her as a character except she made me feel utter frustration.When it comes to Em and Jax as couple.... well honestly I felt nothing there! Nothing at all! I had a feeling like author wanted to insert so much drama in first 50% that I was actually afraid to read what will happen next.They as a couple and some situations reminded me too much of BEAUTIFUL DISASTER and I just missed something all the time.I actually ended loving side characters more then main.Cole and Quinn won my heart! I think that their first kiss was the cutest first kiss I ever read.... so adorable! Jace, Jax's brother.... omg I love that man and I hope there will be his book too because with every chapter I just wanted more and more of him!There was one situation that made me feel really bad for Em :( it was really sad to read it, finally when she decided to let go of rules/control and then..... just sad :(Jax was....hmmmm.... I don't know... I really didn't connect to him or to Em so much. It was like he was too much of drama. I don't know how else to describe it :( He was just too much of everything in such a short time :(I was really wanting to give it 2 stars but then! Then Jax gave a speech which I did like even though part of it reminded me of BD again. And then came the epilogue in his POV and made it all better. I am a bit disappointed because I did expect something much more then I got.I am not sorry I read this book because I did have some fun reading it but I just missed something all the time :(
Heat of Passion - Elle Kennedy OMG I am so happy I read this! This short and steamy story was exactly what I needed while I am working! Who knows when would I read it but I decided to scroll through my kindle on mobile and saw this cover and said "why not?".I loved every page and what's not to love when you have one delicious SEAL that is determined to get the woman he wants :)))
Me Before You - Jojo Moyes buddy read with guapa and Amaia :)I was so happy when I started reading this, I really love sad books, I love to cry while reading, I love it when they are so emotional I just can't help myself but feel for characters and just cry and cry and cry...But honestly I didn't feel that here :( Don't get me wrong. I loved this story and I loved the characters, yes I happened to get to like Lou too, but I didn't feel that sadness that everyone talked about :(I know there are books that made me cry and others didn't, but this was like some safe choice for me to cry and in the end and I didn't :(I almost had a tear in my eye at the epilogue but it just didn't want to roll from my eye, down my cheek....This story is really beautiful, it gives you an insight on some things you would probably never thought about, it really makes you think how would you feel about that topic but you can never know for sure until you are in that position.Even though I wanted Lou to succeed in her plan I also kinda understood Will not letting go what he made his mind for.Will was an amazing character and I just wish I had more of him and less of Lou and her plans etc. I understand this book is actually about Lou, and her before him but still... I kinda needed more of Will :( It's weird because she takes care of him all the time but still you have a feeling like there is very little of Will :(I had a pause of couple of days while reading this book because I had no time to read, but I know that I would probably read it in a day if I had the time. I also think that this pause maybe put me of the track and made me kinda not so tuned to the story anymore but who knows...I wanted to give it 3 stars before I read the epilogue, but then when I almost had a teary eye while reading Will's letter to Lou I decided to give it 4 stars.
Willing Victim - Cara McKenna well.... well, well, well....hmmmmm.... mmmmmmmmm........FIRST I WILL WRITE HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE BOOK WITHOUT THE FIRST SEX SCENE PART:I LOVED IT!!!!! THAT WAS REALLY GOOOOOOOD! FLINN WAS HOT ALL THE WAY!I WOULD EAT HIM AND LICK HIM ALL THE WAY AND I BET HE WOULD BE DELICIOUS! I loved Laurel too. She was amazing but....here comes the SECOND PART OF HOW I FEEL WHERE I AM TALKING ABOUT FIRST SEX SCENE IN THE BOOK: SPOILER:sorry but not my thing watching a guy I want to fu@k...fu@king some other woman to see what is it all about...I can really read about everything but this... sorry but just no :( Soooo when it comes to rating:the part I loved - 5 starsthe part I didn't like - 1 star - duh :DI would give it 3 stars but damn I can't do that because Flinn my man you got me TMI--->wet :)buddy read with my gorgeous queen and my little OCD
Tangled - Emma Chase I will keep this short..RESISTANCE IS FUTILE...You need to read this book...You will love him and his mind...this was Earth shattering. Off the Richter Scale.This was so refreshing to read! I literally loved every sentence in this book! EVERY! The characters were amazing! Even though Kate got on my nerves later but I can let that slip away because Drew makes up for everything!You would say for him that he's an assh@le but to me he is not!He is EPIC!I swear to God I found the best fiction male mind ever!!!!! Whatever he said I was hooked! Whatever he said is true and you just can't help yourself and not love it! He is MY delicious "assh@le"! I would have quoted everything that came out of his mouth but that would be literally the whole book because he tells you the story how he got the flu :)THE FLU:“You’re in dangerous territory, man. You see what Steven goes through. This path leads to the Dark Side. We always said we wouldn’t go there. You sure about this?” Matthew smiles, and in his best Darth Vader voice tells me, “You don’t know the power of the Dark Side.”"I’ll never get tired of looking at her. Or kissing her. Pussy whipped, thy name is Drew. Yeah I know. It’s okay. I don’t mind. ’Cause if this is the Dark Side? Sign me up. Seriously."DREW:"But this kiss? This is one I won’t forget any time soon. She tastes…Jesus, I’ve never done drugs, but I imagine this is what that first snort of cocaine feels like, that first shot of heroine. Goddamn addictive.""But I can’t help it if they see me, f*ck me, and suddenly want to bear my children. That’s not my problem."DREW+KATE:"To people like Kate and me, a dare is kind of like a hooker at a sex addicts’ convention. There’s almost no chance they’re going to get turned down.""The sound of our bodies slapping and her breathy voice fills the room like an erotic symphony. The New York Philharmonic’s got nothing on us. “God! Oh God!” I smile as I pick up the pace, “God’s not the one fucking you, baby.” Sure, I’m in love, but this is still me here. “Drew…Drew…yes…Drew!” Much better."read this book!!! you will laugh, you will love him, you'll swoon, you'll be fangirling, you'll take a cold shower, you won't believe the things he says and you WILL LOVE HIS EVERY F*CKIN WORD THAT COMES OUT OF IS MOUTH :DBUDDY READ WITH MY QUEEN, LITTLE OCD AND MY YEEHAAW SHELLY
Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan buddy read with my lovely yeehaaaw Shelly :DLOVED EVERY SINGLE PAGE! LOVED THE FIRST BOOK AND LOVED THIS SEQUEL THE SAME!LESS CRAZINESS, LESS OVER THE TOP DRAMA BUT MORE EMOTIONS... LOVED IT!!!!!LOVED RIPPER! LOVED ZZ! LOVED DEUCE (AGAIN... hmmm NEVER STOPPED ACTUALLY)! LOVED EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING :DNEED ALL OTHER SEQUELS NOW!!!!!hmmmm....why are you clicking on the spoiler?you want to find something out and spoil this book for yourself?I can not do that to you!but listen to me very carefully!i shall say this only onceRIPPER IS MINE BWHAHAHAHAHAHA
Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout buddy read w/ my little OCD
Dare You To  - Katie McGarry *ARC courtesy of netgalley*
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley "Ian cannot do something so simple as hold a woman’s hand. He moves his thumb up my wrist and under my glove, finding points that shoot wild heat through my body. He caresses the inside of my palm with soft fingers, and then he threads his fingers through mine and holds hard, as though teaching me that my hand belongs there with his."I am simply in love with this book!I am in love with Ian! I am in love with Beth! I am in love with all Ian's brothers!One of the most beautiful historical romances I've read! So magical!Ian's "madness" made me love him even more!I loved everything in this book! The story was amazing! The characters were AMAZING! The writing was simply beautiful!BETHI loved every thought that crossed her mind, everything she said, every move she made... everything! She is not like some typical HR heroines and I think that is the reason why I loved her so much. She is not shy, she is not ashamed of her past, she is proud and will not allow anybody walk over her. The way she understands Ian, the way she makes him feel better, and the way she doesn't think of him crazy is just beautiful to read. She loved once and lost that love, and she is aware that Ian could break her heart, but she still wants to explore that desire she feels with him. I loved how she didn't let anybody walk over Ian too, even his brothers. I loved how protective she was even though she knew Ian could not love her back the way she wanted.“It is the most divine thing imaginable,” she tried. “I don’t want to hear about divinity. I want to hear about flesh and bone. Is love like desire?”“Desire is part of it,” she said slowly. “The love for another’s body. But also love for their heart and their mind, and for all the silly things they do, no matter how absurd. Your world brightens when they walk into a room, dims when they leave it again. You want to be with the beloved so you can see him and touch him and hear his voice, but you want his happiness as well. It’s selfish, but not entirely so.”IANI was literally mesmerized with his mind! If this book was only his POV I would give it 10000 stars if I could! The first time he saw Beth he just knew she was unique like his porcelain bowls, and he just had to have her. But not only for one night, he had to have her forever. So even though he always says he is not capable of love because of his "madness", I think he fell in love with her at first sight. She made him calm, she made him happy and she made him laugh, which he didn't do since he got back from asylum. He thought that everything he touches brakes and he only wanted to protect her from everything, even from himself. He never looked her in the eyes long enough because he would lost himself in them and he wanted to remember everything he did with her. He wanted her to belong to only him.“Right there in the damn box, with the opera blaring on. I’d take you, make you my own.” He put his hand on her neck over the spot where he’d given her the love bite. “I branded you.” Beth smiled. “You, too.” She touched his neck. “I branded you.” He laced his fingers hard through hers and pressed her hand to the bed. “Belong to me.” “No one here to dispute that at the moment.” “Always mine. Always, Beth.” Thrusts punctuated the words. Always.""He pulled her close. “Your being with me makes it stop. It’s like the Ming bowls—when I touch them and feel them, everything stops. Nothing matters. You are the same. That is why I brought you here, to keep you with me, where you can please make... everything... stop.”“Because when I look at you, I forget everything. I lose all track of what I’m saying or doing. I can see only your eyes.” He laid his head on her pillow and rested his hand on her chest. “You have such beautiful eyes.”THE STORY I am speechless! There is nothing I could say to give justice to this beautiful story! It captured my heart from the beginning! Even though I knew it had HEA, I just couldn't stop myself from crying near the end.I think everybody needs to read this story, and needs to do it ASAP! “Is this what love feels like?” he whispered to her. “I don’t like it, my Beth. It hurts too much.”
Real - Katy Evans My head is in my hands and I am shaking from all the laughing because I can not believe what I actually read.This is just beyond! Beyond everything :D1. Brooke Her warped flow of thoughts is epic. It's like reading one huge sentence all the time, with pauses to find out which song is Remy playing to her. I liked her and actually read the book because of her but then the last 20% she acted a bit retarded ....2. RemyI hear there will be book, as the same book, but in his POV. Honestly I thought it would be like reading songs of lyrics the whole time but then the man opened his mouth at the end and proved that he is good with his words.He is damaged, bipolar, he fights and sniffs and licks and claims his mate! (yes this is non-paranormal book). I understand why women swooned over him, he is hot in his strange way.He is like some modern Tarzan, especially when he starts hitting his chest with his palm (yes he actually does that).Actually they fit perfectly together because they are both ridiculous in their own special way.3. the famous foreplay2 words: epic patience4. first sex and the rest of sexActually pretty good, some scenes were fun to read (as in: I laughed like crazy). Sometimes it is simply ridiculous to read it because of the way Brooke describes him and the whole situation but entertaining :)5. the storylets just stick to - funny, ridiculous, entertaining - because I don't feel like writing - close to bad - review :)
Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding Your Edward or Jacob - Louise Deacon IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!OMG I CAN NOT STOP LAUGHING HAHAHALMFAO XDXDXDXD

Unbreak Me

Unbreak Me - Lexi Ryan omg love the blurb!!!! love the triangles more!!!

Moon (New Species, #10)

Moon (New Species, #10) - Laurann Dohner what is the name of that body?!?!?!wow......major drooling......lickable....

Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack, #2)

Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright sooooooooooooooo...i expected more... much more! i felt like i read the same thing in first book!he is kinda the same as Trey, and she is kinda the same as Taryn... nothing new.. seen it all :(the first book blew my mind so i kinda expected this one too but ended up having a softer copy of first one with different names :(what i did love were the parts when Taryn and Trey showed up, they cracked me up haha and i must admit that they are the only reason i am giving this 3 stars :(i don't feel like writing longer review because i would ended up pretty much copy pasting the review for the first one only without the orgy scene.ahhh about that.... seriously? i get what the author is trying but really even though you can smell her arousal Dante if she doesn't want to then she doesn't want to!!! end of story!!!!! but yes i can imagine that making her wet, even though she is crying and pleading to untie her, you still need to show her that she does want you and make her beg you to f*ck her...sorry but not my cuppa anymore....
Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn ok I really wanted to love this book more but I'll explain why 3 stars.Why I read it now was because Blacky forced me to because she got addicted to NA, after years of running to corner when somebody mentions NA, now apparently she can't get enough :PWhen I read this I felt like this was some soft non-paranormal version of "LUX" series in college, and not in highschool, that was written by the same author. Cam was like some soft "grown up" version of my precious Daemon.Some things reminded me too much of Daemon, like cookie scene, then when he traced his pen over her it reminded me of Daemon's pen poking Katy in its famous way. The way he joked and the way he talked to her...I just had a feeling like the author wanted to make another Daemon, but ended up making him more like his pale copy :(Don't get me wrong I loved Cam, I just missed something :(Now this is literally one slow build up romance! I liked it, because in these days it's really hard to find that in books. They fit perfectly as a couple, and I really liked them both.For NA this book actually has, if I dare to say, NO ANGST AT ALL! well at least to me :)It's actually pretty sweet story, even though Avery was traumatized in past, I didn't feel that pain so much as it is usually warped up in YA/NA books.But even though lots of things reminded me of Daemon I still ended up liking it, in its sweet and easy way.