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Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn ok I really wanted to love this book more but I'll explain why 3 stars.Why I read it now was because Blacky forced me to because she got addicted to NA, after years of running to corner when somebody mentions NA, now apparently she can't get enough :PWhen I read this I felt like this was some soft non-paranormal version of "LUX" series in college, and not in highschool, that was written by the same author. Cam was like some soft "grown up" version of my precious Daemon.Some things reminded me too much of Daemon, like cookie scene, then when he traced his pen over her it reminded me of Daemon's pen poking Katy in its famous way. The way he joked and the way he talked to her...I just had a feeling like the author wanted to make another Daemon, but ended up making him more like his pale copy :(Don't get me wrong I loved Cam, I just missed something :(Now this is literally one slow build up romance! I liked it, because in these days it's really hard to find that in books. They fit perfectly as a couple, and I really liked them both.For NA this book actually has, if I dare to say, NO ANGST AT ALL! well at least to me :)It's actually pretty sweet story, even though Avery was traumatized in past, I didn't feel that pain so much as it is usually warped up in YA/NA books.But even though lots of things reminded me of Daemon I still ended up liking it, in its sweet and easy way.