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Beautiful Broken Rules - Kimberly Lauren I so wanted to like this book more but I just couldn't. It started really promising and I really liked Em as a character but honestly with time she became really annoying and I didn't feel anything toward her as a character except she made me feel utter frustration.When it comes to Em and Jax as couple.... well honestly I felt nothing there! Nothing at all! I had a feeling like author wanted to insert so much drama in first 50% that I was actually afraid to read what will happen next.They as a couple and some situations reminded me too much of BEAUTIFUL DISASTER and I just missed something all the time.I actually ended loving side characters more then main.Cole and Quinn won my heart! I think that their first kiss was the cutest first kiss I ever read.... so adorable! Jace, Jax's brother.... omg I love that man and I hope there will be his book too because with every chapter I just wanted more and more of him!There was one situation that made me feel really bad for Em :( it was really sad to read it, finally when she decided to let go of rules/control and then..... just sad :(Jax was....hmmmm.... I don't know... I really didn't connect to him or to Em so much. It was like he was too much of drama. I don't know how else to describe it :( He was just too much of everything in such a short time :(I was really wanting to give it 2 stars but then! Then Jax gave a speech which I did like even though part of it reminded me of BD again. And then came the epilogue in his POV and made it all better. I am a bit disappointed because I did expect something much more then I got.I am not sorry I read this book because I did have some fun reading it but I just missed something all the time :(