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Me Before You - Jojo Moyes buddy read with guapa and Amaia :)I was so happy when I started reading this, I really love sad books, I love to cry while reading, I love it when they are so emotional I just can't help myself but feel for characters and just cry and cry and cry...But honestly I didn't feel that here :( Don't get me wrong. I loved this story and I loved the characters, yes I happened to get to like Lou too, but I didn't feel that sadness that everyone talked about :(I know there are books that made me cry and others didn't, but this was like some safe choice for me to cry and in the end and I didn't :(I almost had a tear in my eye at the epilogue but it just didn't want to roll from my eye, down my cheek....This story is really beautiful, it gives you an insight on some things you would probably never thought about, it really makes you think how would you feel about that topic but you can never know for sure until you are in that position.Even though I wanted Lou to succeed in her plan I also kinda understood Will not letting go what he made his mind for.Will was an amazing character and I just wish I had more of him and less of Lou and her plans etc. I understand this book is actually about Lou, and her before him but still... I kinda needed more of Will :( It's weird because she takes care of him all the time but still you have a feeling like there is very little of Will :(I had a pause of couple of days while reading this book because I had no time to read, but I know that I would probably read it in a day if I had the time. I also think that this pause maybe put me of the track and made me kinda not so tuned to the story anymore but who knows...I wanted to give it 3 stars before I read the epilogue, but then when I almost had a teary eye while reading Will's letter to Lou I decided to give it 4 stars.