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Real - Katy Evans My head is in my hands and I am shaking from all the laughing because I can not believe what I actually read.This is just beyond! Beyond everything :D1. Brooke Her warped flow of thoughts is epic. It's like reading one huge sentence all the time, with pauses to find out which song is Remy playing to her. I liked her and actually read the book because of her but then the last 20% she acted a bit retarded ....2. RemyI hear there will be book, as the same book, but in his POV. Honestly I thought it would be like reading songs of lyrics the whole time but then the man opened his mouth at the end and proved that he is good with his words.He is damaged, bipolar, he fights and sniffs and licks and claims his mate! (yes this is non-paranormal book). I understand why women swooned over him, he is hot in his strange way.He is like some modern Tarzan, especially when he starts hitting his chest with his palm (yes he actually does that).Actually they fit perfectly together because they are both ridiculous in their own special way.3. the famous foreplay2 words: epic patience4. first sex and the rest of sexActually pretty good, some scenes were fun to read (as in: I laughed like crazy). Sometimes it is simply ridiculous to read it because of the way Brooke describes him and the whole situation but entertaining :)5. the storylets just stick to - funny, ridiculous, entertaining - because I don't feel like writing - close to bad - review :)