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Willing Victim - Cara McKenna well.... well, well, well....hmmmmm.... mmmmmmmmm........FIRST I WILL WRITE HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE BOOK WITHOUT THE FIRST SEX SCENE PART:I LOVED IT!!!!! THAT WAS REALLY GOOOOOOOD! FLINN WAS HOT ALL THE WAY!I WOULD EAT HIM AND LICK HIM ALL THE WAY AND I BET HE WOULD BE DELICIOUS! I loved Laurel too. She was amazing but....here comes the SECOND PART OF HOW I FEEL WHERE I AM TALKING ABOUT FIRST SEX SCENE IN THE BOOK: SPOILER:sorry but not my thing watching a guy I want to fu@k...fu@king some other woman to see what is it all about...I can really read about everything but this... sorry but just no :( Soooo when it comes to rating:the part I loved - 5 starsthe part I didn't like - 1 star - duh :DI would give it 3 stars but damn I can't do that because Flinn my man you got me TMI--->wet :)buddy read with my gorgeous queen and my little OCD