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The Bitter End (Golden Crown, #1) - Rue Volley ADULT REVIEW, MINORS DO NOT OPEN! omg this is... i have no words...i loved the prologue! i really did! they as couple, the problems, the thing in the truck... it really hooked me!then it all started to fall apart....i couldn't even laugh at it anymore, it was disgusting to read it! obsession with anal sex the author has and then before coming putting it in her mouth??!?!?! after it oral?!?! i mean wtf? those things are just big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and i haven't read any line with condom being slide on the biggest cock ever!*no pun intended*then her father fingering her stepmother in restaurant in front of her?!?!?! i mean really?!?!?!?!i am reading the most hilarious and ridiculous scene and then out of the blue her friend asks her something and what do you get? she licking her and she imagining him! i don't mind that but i really haven't expect that!!!!the whole conversation, the whole relationships between people... the characters....simply repulsive!but hey that's just me, even though i can read pretty much anything i just couldn't continue this....the writing style and the things they talk about just started to give me a huge headache...who knows... maybe you would love it :)this is actually my first DNF i am rating with 1 star :(