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Walking Disaster: A Novel

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire arc courtesy of netgalley in exchange for an honest review!i looooove you netgalley!!!!!I waited so long to be in his head and it was verra verra good!I must say that I was expecting something more. I don't know was the reason to that the reason that it was the same story but from his POV, but I did miss something. Nothing much, but I had a feeling like it was more like narration of the story and less how he felt. Again I repeat myself, maybe it was only because I knew the whole story and therefor maybe I experienced it differently :) But that doesn't change my rating and I did find it amazing because I was finally in his head!I read so many reviews of "Beautiful Disaster", lots of them bad and lots of them good. The main problem with bad reviews was that people start to experience the book to intense. Just because I like to read about obsessed psychos doesn't mean I will look for them in my private life. I do understand that this series is young adult/new adult and that some "kids" could develop not so good illusions what to want in boys and think that some actions which are wrong are good. But I also repeat myself that this is fiction and your actions must never be under influence of book characters. The reason I am telling this is because when you read "Walking Disaster"... well you will definitely think that he is missing something in his head :)No, some of his actions are not normal for a young man in college, or any age, in a relationship, and no it is not good sign if he brakes everything around himself when they break up, and no it is not healthy to be obsessed with someone so much, but I repeat this is fiction and in this fiction I love this bad boy that needs to be fixed :)*In his POV I thought of Abby as a selfish b*tch , but then again I never did like her that much :)*I love how he thinks that he belongs only to her... *I love how he feels that he can finally breath when he is next to her*I simply love all of his "mental" problems :)*I loved this book and I loved being inside his head and my thoughts for him will always be the same: