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Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede I think I'm gonna make a new shelf called: "awesome-breathless-could-not-put-down-5stars-pure-perfection-books-recommended-by-the-mighty-blacky"...I must admit that this was my first M/M romance book and I didn't know anything about it when I started reading it, I didn't know how would I feel but after reading it there is only one word for it: “PER-FUCKING-FECTION!” THE STORYFrom blurb: Dante is strictly a ladies' man, and the FDNY isn't exactly gay-friendly. For ten years, Griff has hidden his heart in a half-life of public heroics and private anguish. Two best friends,practically brothers, both secretly yearning for each other, not saying anything, fearing they would ruin their friendship if it comes out... do i need to say more?!?!?!?GRIFF“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.” ― Neil GaimanHonestly, Griff won my heart, my undying love from the very beginning!The way he thought about Dante, the way he watched his every move when they were together, the way he put distance every once in a while so he wouldn't do anything stupid and loose his best friend, the way he wasn't sure is it just lust only for Dante or is he really gay, the way he pretended to be with girls because of their environment... I can't even imagine how does that feel... not being able to be free, to be who you really are, to express your feelings that are being a burden to your soul to the only person that matters everything to you...I believe that's the reason why I cried couple of times while I was reading, I wanted to hug him so many times..."He did not watch Dante’s smooth oliveskinned hand brushing off tonight’s piece of ass so they could escape. He did not watch Dante’s strong back and legs cutting through the crowd toward him like a dark knife. He did not watch the way Dante’s square jaw and seal-black hair caught the light when he reached the entrance to smile in relief and wink. Mostly he did not."I could feel his sexual tension toward Dante all the time,his love, his blush every time Dante winked at him,the way he imagined what would their future be like if they were together and it was so beautiful and so pure and so f***ing wright! “I love that.” Dante’s teasing voice was a little husky. Griff looked up, confused. “When you blush like that. The way it moves across you. It’s like I can see what you’re feeling right where you’re feeling it. ’S’cool. Relax, G.” “I just feel stupid.” “Nah. It’s like cloud shadows from an airplane. These shapes moving over your skin and you’re not afraid of anything.”“The fuck I’m not. It feels like being electrocuted slowly.” “At least you can stil feel things, G. Stay with me.”And their first kiss!!!! OH MY GOOOD! It was so perfect! I cried when they first kissed in shower/locker room, yeah it was hot, but I cried out of pure happiness because of Griff! "...and it wasn’t his heart that stopped; it was time. I knew he would feel like this. I knew he would taste like this... make it last..."Their first filming together at studio of hothead.com:Their first sex:“His fingers roamed over Dante,marking his skin with handprints, memorizing it.This belongs to me. Only me. No one else can have it. Not even you. It’smine. You’re mine.Your spit is mine. Your skin. The way you smell.Those sounds are mine. Your cum. You can’t give it to anyone else.”Their first morning after pillow talk... OH MY GOD... I was beaming, I was so happy, they were so perfect, perfect for each other, so FUCKING ADORABLE!!!!I can not even express how glad I am that I read this story, there are no words to describe how beautiful their love was, how HOT their sex was... pure lust.. pure love... pure friendship...I just can't because it's beyond any words...