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Rock Her - Liz  Thomas look at that cover....then the word rock-star...no wonder I am reading it NOW!!!!DNF :(I gave up at 34% because I can not get into this story, and I will not rate it because of that.I usually don't give up on books because I hate not to finish what I started.I love stories with rock-stars, but rock-star ex-marine.... just no....I didn't feel any chemistry between main characters, some scenes were completely ridiculous and the writing was just bad. Maybe one day I will finish it but for now I am putting it aside...This is only my opinion so maybe you would like it :)when he comes all over her face and his first thought was "HOLLY SHIT SHE'S A KEEPER" and she spits it on the floor and instantly asks for round two was just too stupid to read... I have porn sites for such a badly written things..."filling her dripping honey hole with his meat"...wtf?!?!