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Fighting for Flight (Fighting, #1) - J.B. Salsbury well crud, I wanted to like it a lot but something was just... meh...I think it was her..With all the good reviews I read I expected something WOW but I just didn't feel that WOW :)I am giving this book a good solid 3 stars, it would have been 2,5 but I kinda fell in love with side character Blake :)The book actually started really great for me, I really liked it but I don't know why I kinda lost that feeling. It was pretty predictable from the beginning, and that wasn't even the problem for me.With Raven being who she is, a mechanic, with actually not so bad past but more like potentially bad future, I expected her to be more stronger, more built up character, yes she has horrible parents but they weren't there, but all I saw was somebody so fragile, on the edge to cry constantly, blinking away tears etc.I kinda expected some cool chick, who doesn't say "crud" or "effing", who doesn't put up with anybody's bullshit but I didn't get that.there's this sentence in this book:"Surviving is nothing to be ashamed of. It's something to be proud of."But honestly I felt like everybody else had to do that surviving for her. I wanted her to fought back from the beginning and not accept her bad future, I wanted her to not let Jonah give up on his dreams so she could survive because of him. I wanted her to try and survive by herself with his help, and to show her father that she won't take his bullshit easily.When it comes to Jonah I liked him. I liked him a lot. I can't say he wasn't hot when he was. He wanted to protect her, wanted to have her, to love her, make her his from the moment he saw her, blah, blah, blah... The only thing that got on my nerve was him constantly calling her "my girl, my shy girl, my greedy girl...."I really liked their sexy times, it's really not hard to please me with sex in fiction, but the moment when she lost her virginity and was hiding bloody sheets from him and he told her "i hope it does stain so that every time i sleep on them, i'll be reminded of our first time" I couldn't help myself from picturing him in wrapped bloody sheets, which was a bit turn off that was followed with a burst of laughter. But as all main alpha characters he got my liking again later on.Now the reason for my 3 stars!BLAKE