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The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2) - Kristen Ashley From my review of RAID:"I am giving KA 2 more chances with CHAOS (because I already pre-ordered the book) and with GOLDEN DYNASTY (because I heard he is a savage that doesn't speak english therefore I am really excited to read how will he tell her why does he love her pussy the most)."I AM SO HAPPY BLACKY MADE ME READ THIS!!! SERIOUSLY WOMAN I LOVE YOU!!! I had so much fun reading this book! I know you all swooned but seriously I couldn't stop laughing! I think this book is hilarious from start to end! I wanted to find out how will he tell her he loves her pussy on his language and boy did I found out! I laughed so much I couldn't even remember the translation of their most used words and I was seriously frustrated to go to DICTIONARY in the middle of the sex but it was worth it :D“My wife will take my c@ck between her legs and in her mouth?” “Y… yes,” I stammered. “Her mouth?” he reiterated. Oh man, I felt a tingle between my legs so they shifted. He felt it, he knew what caused it and his eyes got hotter. “Yes,” I whispered. Then he spoke and Diandra translated. “Your king will grant this request. No more Xacto, Lahnahsahna, only my golden queen.”seriously do you now get it why I laughed my ass out?!?!“You’re my gold, nahna xaxsah is my hahnee rah. Kay jahnan nahna lisa, na uvan tee luh kay. Ana kay jahnan nahna pahnsahna, Circe. Kay nayeesan tee. Fahzah.”TRANSLATION:“You’re my gold, your cunt is my liquid gold. I will have your mouth, you will give it to me. Then I will have your spirit, Circe. I will own it. Always.”still not?! well then you must read this book ASAP to see :DThis whole story is so funny and I must admit that some scenes I just couldn't help myself and I literally cried from laughing...for example... when she sings "somewhere over the rainbow"... REALLY?!?! I mean really?!?! I swear to God I had so much fun with this book! This story was epic!Loved all the characters and believe it or not even savages have SLANG! yes... I had amazing time reading this book! I know all of others KA fans swooned etc. and I did too! How could I not with Dax being such an amazing savage?!?! But I also think this is one of the best comedy I have read :Dok one scene did make me sad.... and yes it was around 90% like by recipe but I got my hope back and I am really happy I haven't read all her old books. I forgot how KA's old books have some special magic in it, the new ones have lost something.. maybe because of editing, I do not know... but what I do know is that I will def read other books in this series