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Fixed on You (Fixed #1)

Fixed on You - Laurelin Paige This started so promising and so good. I actually thought it will be some crazy shit to read, with heroine having past with obsession with lovers and having restraining order and with hero being psychopath incapable of love... i know... don't laugh :) , and i had so many possible scenarios in my head with lots of drama, angst, possible cheating, possible cliffhanger but....no....what i got was:sex, sex, sex, lots of sex, only sex, with some plot if you can actually call it a plot she needs to pretend to be his girlfriendand of course millions of orgasms, probably orgasm in a second orgasm which is followed by fourth orgasm in third orgasm :)But the amazing thing is that even though it was so ridiculous to read I just could not put it down. Why? Because all the time I hoped some of that shit I so hoped for will maybe happen and I just had to know....but no... only lots of sex....I kinda did like it... not how i wanted, I didn't need clean panties like the warning said, more like grinning bcoz of MC, or eye-rolling on some of their lines, or laughing at some ridiculous parts...so if you want a book with lots of sex, no actual plot that doesn't involve sex, and if you want to swoon over one delicious alpha controlling male... WELL THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU THEN!