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A Beautiful Disaster

A Beautiful Disaster - Willa Okati This is a book about second chances, how to trust somebody again and how to let the past go.I really liked the whole idea of the story. Sean being abused, trying to escape and almost dying, meets Riordan, nurse who has a tattoo shop and makes art out of people scars.From the first moment they had eye contact, Riordan can see how big pain and sadness is in Sean's eyes. He wants to help him and to heal his soul and step by step Sean gives him and himself a try. Sean is pretty dark and rough between the sheets but Riordan somehow drags out the gentle side of him.I loved the characters, I really did but all the time I felt like something is missing in the story. I didn't focus on chemistry between characters because this is more of a story how to heal someone's heart, how to survive and take that second chance that is offered to you.The characters and the story weren't overly dramatic, although sometimes you have a feeling like drama could happen anytime. Considering the content of this book, i am just surprised it ended up... well... a bit sweet.I am in dilemma how to rate this book. It wasn't bad but it also wasn't that good. I can't say I liked it that much but I also can't say I didn't like it.I would rate it somewhere between 2 and 3 stars but GR doesn't allow me that so I'll round it up at 3 stars :)