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Lacrimosa - Christine Fonseca Let me just say that at first this was 3star to me.
It started so promissing (loooved the concept of the story) but than like in a second everything started happening so fast. Even Azzaziel says:

"Too fast. Everything is happening too fast."

I couldn't grown attached to the main characters and their 400 centuries long forbidden love (and i'm a huge sucker for forbidden love and angst and torment and his POV). Every time aydan was supposed to die i was like *oh stop the drama already*. I had a feeling like lots of stuff wanted to be said in too much hurry...
BUT then Aydan... ah Aydan...

"His breath caresses my neck. “You still smell like vanilla,” he whispers. I open my mouth, desperate to say the words that will cast him aside and end this. But every word dies on my tongue.
He covers my mouth with his in a kiss that melts my bones.
Steels my breath. My eyes widened with rage. Fear. I pound against his chest, pushing against his skin. He tightens his hold on me.I frantically hammer against his chest. Scream into his mouth. He deepens the kiss. My mind goes blank, my eyes roll back.
And I’m his. I arch into him, threading my fingers through his black hair. A slight moan escapes my lips as he breaks through my walls and fills every part of me.
All I see is Adam.
All I feel is our love.
Nothing else matters."

.... and last cca 80 pages earned the 4th star (not sayin' anything)! oh and the ending!!! grrrr need to read the sequel!!!