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Mobster's Girl (Mobster, #1) - Amy Rachiele I really, really, really liked this story!
I loved Antonio and Megan! Ok I really LOOOVED Antonio! He's mob boss's son, and he's so hot and bad and so deliciously alpha male! He is crazy about sweet and innocent Megan (kinda Travis from BD crazy), the only girl he's forbidden to touch. I was beaming when they were together, they were so perfect for each other. I also loved the mafia element, although I sometimes had this feeling that I'm watching L.DiCaprio and C.Danes in "Romeo & Juliet" but they don't committe suiside in the end. And the end! Such a cliff-hanger! Definitely going to read the sequel, bcoz I so didn't wanna this book to end!

Oh Antonio, Antonio....

"I have to control myself from shoving her into an empty classroom and kissing every freckle on her face. The more I spend time with her the more breathtaking I find her. I’m in deep shit!"

"It takes an effort but I restrain myself. I want to flip the switch to recline the seat and cover her with my body."

"I take a deep breath relishing her scent and closeness. It’s like a dream. After all these years,I am holding her in my arms."

"I feel sick to my stomach. My heart is pumping way too hard. The anxiety is killing me. Friend I can deal with. I think. Boyfriend? I think I will fuckin’ kill someone-starting with Troy. Troy? What kind of an asshole name is that? Wasn’t that a country like a thousand years ago?"

and sucha witty comebacks...

"I laugh again, “What are you going to do Mr.Delisi, tie me up and throw me in the river?-“I wouldn’t throw you in the river, but tying you up has been on my mind before.” His face is serious, and he squeezes my hand to jerk me closer."


"With my face nuzzling her neck and my hand cupping her hip I say, “I don’t want to let you go.I want you all to myself.” “What are you gonna do, kidnap me?” she says joking. She stiffens under me when I say, “I have resources you know.” - “I bet you do.”