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Firestorm - Brenda Joyce This book never gets old for me, it was actually my first HR and maybe that's the reason why I love it so much { they do say you never forget your first ;) }.

Storm Bragg comes to San Francisco to enter the society so they could find her a husband, and yes, the most wanted bachelor Brett D'Archand becomes crazy about her... cliche yes I know... the whole can't-stop-staring-at-you-from-the-second-I-laid-my eyes-on-you / why-can't-you-stand-any-sight-of-me essential element of HR :)

She doesn't want to be in the city, want's to go back home in Texas to their family ranch, doesn't want to have anything with Brett, but still is jealous of other women...
and he doesn't want wife, only mistresses, her rude behaving only assures him it's better to stay away from her but simply can't stand any other man in her company...
but because of their incident in the garden on the ballroom party

( “Storm,” he said urgently.“I need you,” he said. “Please.” His hands went to his trousers, hesitating. She found herself staring at the thick, rigid erection straining against the fabric. He looked at her, waiting for a word, a sign that he should stop.“Yes,” she whispered, as a delicious ache began to build and throb again. “Sweet Jesus!” a woman screamed. )

they end up married and living in SF :) shocking I know :D

Destiny tests them all the time, they pretty much have only problems from the beginnig. He has wounds from past (of course he is broken = "shock"), she comes from loving family (of course she'll be the one to heal that woonds = another "shock"). Yes I wanted to slap her lots of times and tell her to swallow that huge pride of hers, and Brett... oh him I wanted to shot with her Colt couple of times, especially on their wedding night!

But even the mighty fall!

He half groaned and half laughed. “Since the day I first saw you, you turned my life upside down. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I tried to tell myself it was just lust. That I didn’t need you.” He looked at her, taking a deep breath, and slid down the length of her until she could feel the fullness of his arousal against her groin. He reached for his fly. “I can’t wait.”
“No,” she said, firmly stopping his hand. Their breath mingled. “Finish.”
“Finish?” he asked stupidly, then laughed shakily. “Yes, chère, that’s what I’m trying to do if you’d let me open my pants. Finish what we’ve started.”
“You know that’s not what I mean, Brett.”