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A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean I must say that this book reminded me why is HR my favorite genre! Yes, I'm a sucker for romance, bigger sucker for HEA and much bigger sucker for books when main characters don't want to admit to themselves that they are IN LOVE with each other!

First I must say a HUGE thank you to BLACKY for telling me to read this book! I can't wait to read the sequel with Cross!



Ah the story... when you combine love and revenge what's there not to love!?!?
Michael lost it all in game of cards and he will do anything to win it back, even if it means destroying people he loved in his childhood. But he never expected for Penelope (his childhood friend and sweetheart) to win his heart....again. He does marry her to get the estate back but soon she starts to melt his heart. Penelope agrees to marry him (she always thought he deserves the property back), and he does spend the night with her to "dishonor" her so she couldn't say no, but she also hopes that there's still that young boy with whom she used to play as child.

Michael, Marquess of Bourne

There's a reason why women love to read HR and it's because of the main male characters that simply leave us BREATHLESS...
We love tortured heroes that are afraid to love, on some level we want to jump in that book and be the one that fixes them up.
And that is Michael, beautiful, rough, afraid to love doesn't allow himself to feel anything. The only thing that makes him going is the knowledge that he will have his revenge and they do say that revenge is better when it is served cold...
I must admit that I LOVED HIM! Yes he was stubborn, but aren't they all?! They always doubt and ask themselves is that love they're feeling? THE ANSWER IS YES IT IS YOU STUBBORN FOOL!!! I wanted to smack him in the face so many times, but then in the end when he didn't want to corrupt Penelope with his life he was so sweet... and that he didn't choose her over revenge I would seriously hit him in the face with a brick!
And that kiss on their first dinner in society... I just melted ...


“I’m going to corrupt you,” he promised her skin, one hand sliding down the swell of her stomach, feeling the way the muscles there tensed and quivered at his touch. “I’m going to turn you from light to dark, from good to bad. I’m going to ruin you.” She didn’t care. She was his. He owned her in this moment, with this touch. “And do you know how it will feel?” She sighed the word this time. “Splendid.”

"...the only thing imperfect about her was the fact that she was clothed.."

“I am too imperfect for you,” he whispered at her temple.
“You are perfectly imperfect for me.”

“I can’t take small tastes of you, love. I can only gorge on you. You’re irresistible.” He pressed a kiss to her shoulder, his tongue coming out to lave the skin there. “You’re like the rattle of dice. The shuffle of cards. You call to me until I ache with desire for you.” The words were a whisper of breath at the base of her neck. “I could easily become addicted to you.”

Oh and the letters... so adorable!!! Especially the last one from Michael..

“Dear Sixpence,

I saved them all, you know. Every letter you ever sent, even those to which I never replied. I’m sorry for so many things, my love: that I left
you; that I never came home; that it took me so long to realize that you were my home and that, with you by my side, none of the rest
mattered. But in the darkest hours, on the coldest nights, when I felt I’d lost everything, I still had your letters. And through them, in some small way, I still had you. I loved you then, my darling Penelope, more than I could imagine—just as I love you now, more than you can know.

Hell House, February 1831”