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Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I read lots of reviews about this series and I saw all the WARNINGS if I start reading this I will become ADDICTED to Ty & Zane.... I didn't listen and what have I become ------> a total JUNKIE and I'm gonna be needing my second fix really soon (if not already today)!

descriptionWOW! WOW! WOW!description


Ty and Zane, two deliciously hot alpha males, both FBI agents, are forced to work together to find a serial killer. Now, I gotta say when it comes to the plot and the whole mystery part I kinda pretty much suspected who it was all the time so there wasn't that many mystery for me, but it's ok... I read it because of them and not because of the serial killer case. And because of that it would have been a 4 star but those agents got so deep under my skin so I'm gonna give them a 5 because they did made me laugh, and yes I did shed a tear even though I knew everything will be alright (duh series), and yes the temperature in my room did go pretty high!

When it comes to those deliciously hot alpha males, well they couldn't stand each other in the beginning, but as more and more they became irritated with each other the more and more they wanted each other. And thank God for lust to win over!

TY is rough, has a sharp mouth and doesn't care about the rules, pretty much makes fun of others all the time with playing with their minds.

ZANE doesn't play games, needs to follow the rules and is the serious one in this relationship.

Pretty much the whole bad cop - good cop idea (but with both cops f*cked up in heads) :)
In the beginning I couldn't decide which one I love more but then after the unsuspected turn of event, when they changed roles and when Zane came on his bike all yummy in leather I knew ... I just knew...
The sexual tension between them, not knowing for sure ... oh my...
The fight! Then their first kiss! That was one seriously hot kiss! All the anticipation to get to that kiss... when you know they are both alpha males and neither of them wants to crack first...
And the sex! HOT!

“You look like sex on legs to me.You’ll blend in,no problem.”
“I swear to God,if you try to put me in leather pants or some shit like that I’ll kill you,”
“I was thinking along the lines of no pants, BABY”

"You’re stunning when you’re angry, you little f*ck”

The part when some tears were shed .... when Ty shield Zane and didn't want to leave him to save himself, when Zane told him "baby"... I was gone...

Oh I love them....
... can't wait to read more about TY and Zane!