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Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Ok here it goes...

Ty and Zane are assigned on another case.... honestly don't care... horrible I know, but I don't read them because of their cases anymore (like I ever did), no no no no no.... I read them because of them! Because of their conversations, their kisses, their little gentle touches, their lust for each other and of course let us not forget about their hot sex!

Now let me confess something... their every scene, whether verbal or physical has made me have... *cough*


Their assignment: pretend to be a married gay couple... enough said... yep that was funny :)

They had to get into their roles and boy they did! Ty was acting a submissive one while Zane the alpha possessive one! After that I love Zane even more!!!!

Both of them using this roles to say/do things they wouldn't normally say/do to each other!

"Care to help me get into character?" Ty whispered with a mischievous smile.
Zane hummed slightly and pulled Ty flush against him. "What kind of help do you need?"
"Doesn't seem like you need much practice. What's gotten into you?" Zane murmured as he dragged his lips along Ty's exposed throat. He unfastened Ty's pants and started pushing them down over his hips.
"Nothing, yet," Ty answered with a slow grin. "That's your job," he said softly, his breath gusting across Zane's cheek.

"You are mine," he asserted in that sharpened, confident-sounding drawl. "I know it; you know it. And so will anyone else who looks at you."

"I suppose what I really like is seeing people covet you and knowing you're mine."

OMG The POOL SCENE!!!! *drooling*


"You are skating on thin ice."
"You plan to punish me somehow?" he asked in the most innocent voice he could muster. The accent actually helped with that.
"Oh, I think I can come up with something suitably chastising," Zane said darkly. His voice was dropping closer toward a growl.
"If it doesn't involve me on my knees in some fashion I shall be wildly disappointed"

"So your plan is to liquor me up, get me all sweaty and worked up, then take me back to the cabin?" Ty asked him, his tone placid.
"Oh, it may not have been my plan before, but it sure as hell is now," Zane agreed wholeheartedly.

Tys SHOW for Zane!!!! Now seriously how am I suppose to function after reading that?!?!?! That shit is burned in my brain!!!! And it's on repeat all the time!!!!


"You ever wanna get f*cked hard, now you know what to do to get it."

And then it keeps coming again!!! After admitting both there isn't anybody else for long time... please lord have mercy on me!!!! PLEASE CALL THE FIRE-DEPARTMENT TO COME AND AIM THEIR HOSES ON ME TO TURN THAT FIRE BURNING INSIDE ME OFF!

Their pillow talk is so funny and so cute and they are so f*cking adorable!

"Your ass is your best feature," Zane corrected."What? You want me to say something else? Something poetic? Like your flashing eyes? Or your full, pouty lips?"
"My sparkling personality," Ty provided cheekily.
"Your insatiable sex drive,"
"That's partly your fault," Ty accused.
Zane grinned. "I'll take the blame," he said. "If you tell me my best feature."
"That's easy," Ty answered. "Your partner," he said cheekily"

And then finally! Those three little words... At least one of them found the courage... So shy and so scared....


And officially I'm f*cked... addicted... there's no turning back any more! I'm marked with Ty and Zane forever and boy I like it!