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Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4) - Abbi Glines I already knew i was going to like this book when I read a teaser and boy did I like it!

For start this is very adult book ...


It's really amazing how Abbi Glines can always make me fall in love with one of her characters! I mean why do they all have to be so yummy?!?!? Preston was no different!
What would you do if you find out that you're deeply in love with a gigolo and that that gigolo is your dream guy that still works and sleeps with older women?
I can tell you that if that gigolo would be Preston I would forgive him everything ...



"I didn’t need taming. I needed fucking saving"

I wanted to hug him all the time, to curl up with him and tell him everything is gonna be fine. He was so sweet taking care of his younger sister and brothers, he didn't want for them to have shitty life with nobody to take care of them like he did and he would do everything for them. And in his fucked up life there was one more problem... he fell in love with his best friends sister Amanda and she is off limits! He was so torn with feelings for her and respect for her brother. Yeah he was sometimes asshole toward her but that was all because he didn't want to disappoint Marcus and he thought he didn't deserve such girl like Amanda was. I totally understand why was all female population in that town crazy about him and why was he such a man-whore, I mean he was hot! What was there not to like him? NOTHING! He was smooth/dirty talking guy that every women wanted to lick from head to toe including me!
He was:

“Are you sure it wasn’t my sexyashell voice whispering in your ear that caused your momentary lack of oxygen?”

“I’m getting your sexy ass back here so I can strip off your clothes and bury my dick into that tight little pussy."

“Don’t. Touch. Her.”
"I’m not going to lie, I’m jealous as hell. You’re mine, and he’s after you."

“Baby, all I see is you. It’s something I’ve never experienced, but I can’t see anyone else anymore. Just you.”


And then Amanda finds out! From her mother! I wanted to slap that bitch so hard even though I understood why did she do that! But they were so sweet together, so made to be and that's why I wanted to strangle her for ruining everything because he really was trying to change everything because he didn't want to loose her....


I just gotta tell that I don't blame her at all for using him to lose her virginity while he was drunk, obviously when a girl knows what she wants she'll do it however she can and hell we're talking about PRESTON here! i think that's enough said :D