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The Train of Arousal - James Lusarde *Review copy generously provided by the Author for an honest review*

review tomorrow... too sleepy... maybe my feelings will be different about this short story when i'm not so tired.... doubt it but we'll see...

Honestly... not my cup of tea...

It started ok but with time she became really annoying to me and actually I was struggling to finish it... to finish a SHORT story!

I am really sorry because lots of my GR friends loved it and I was happy that I had the chance to read it and that the author send it to me for an honest review but just... no... :(

At almost everything that came out of her mouth I was literally eye-rolling.

I loved the whole idea of the story, and I agree that the best seduction is in words but obviously these words didn't do any seduction in my case...

But that is only my opinion...