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The Devil's Pawn - Elizabeth Finn I'm gonna start this a bit confusing but trust me that is nothing what is going inside my head so I'll try to explain it on the simplest way I can :)

First I did not want to give it 5stars because I did not want to like it without his POV but damn I was seeing 5stars dancing in front of my eyes even though I hated the fact that I will never be inside his head.
But then from the middle of the book you really really badly need his POV, even though his actions speaks a lot.
The problem is that when you read a book that is dark and twisted like this, and has a main male character with such a struggle inside him, you really NEED to see what is going on inside his head even a tiny bit!

And not to write that is simply just cruel..... simply cruel.....

The book starts with her being naked in front of four guys, evaluating her looks for becoming a whore. In that part she is shy, she is virgin and trust me I felt sick reading it but I needed to read more and more. And even though I did not know her whole story I felt really sorry for her. Then when she starts to tell you a bit of her story how she ended up in a situation like this, I had a feeling like that shy side simply evaporated.

She makes eye contact with one of the, the one that looks like he is disgusted with her looks, and even though she is afraid of him and hates him for making her feel like shit, she still thinks he is beautiful...
And he is the one that needs to prep her, take her virginity, and learn her in a month or so how to f*ck and do her job...

"I want to see him, taste him, and I'm not sure what that means. He terrifies me, but I'm also drawn to his beautiful, strong body and his dark, intimidating eyes."

"For a man that terrifies me, I certainly do find the idea of touching him and tasting him extremely intoxicating."

Ok, what we have here is INSTA HATE/LOVE RELATIONSHIP!
He makes everything bad so she could just give up, but he doesn't know that she can not do it! But basically from the moment he put his c@ck inside of her everything changes in him!
Do you see where I am going with this?!?!?!

Now, maybe the start of this review sounds only bad but trust me it is not! From the moment I start reading it i did not part from the book! I haven't slept all night because I needed to know everything! And even though you know some parts are ridiculous, you can't help but being sucked into the story, and in a second you need to know what will be with them, what bad part will happen to them, what secrets they both hide and how will their love function in a place where he needs to share her with johns...

"But I will always be here after they're finished with your body, to reclaim every inch of what those disgusting men take from you. You belong to me."


As the story unfolds, you're gonna love Derek in every way! Trust me, even when you will hate him you will love him! The parts when he will be cold and disconnected, not wanting to give himself and her what he knows from the beginning, the parts when he will be ruthless, the parts when he will take care of her and be gentle, the moment when he surrendered... all that parts... you will want to die to see them from his POV!

"Oh God, Derek." He moves up my body, his own arousal still straining against his jeans, and when he leans toward my mouth, he speaks in a husky voice. "God, I love the sound of my name on your lips when you come."

"I'm sorry I couldn't tell you when you needed to hear it most, but I do love you. I want you to have more than I can ever give you. I want you to have better than I can ever be. Please forgive me."

When it comes to Ashton, I really felt sorry for her and how cards were dealt for her in her world but sometimes that woman (age 22 if I recall correctly) really annoyed me. Even though she was given a choice, she really had no choice but to do what she had to do. But sometimes I had a feeling like I was reading about some brat (maybe the reason for that was the way she was described i really don't know) and she wasn't that at all which makes it more confusing. And even though she was a virgin and has never seen a c@ck, when she did her first blowjob my only impression was that "some things obviously comes naturally to women like they were born to do it" which pissed me off more.


I did like the story a lot although I had a feeling like the end was a bit rushed. I had a feeling like the last two chapters were written just so it would end finally....

So the only reason I am giving it 4stars is lack of his POV and rushed last two chapters, pretty much like I am trying to rush and end this review.