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Archangel of Mercy - Christina Ashcroft *ARC courtesy of Berkley Heat via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

But I got myself an e-book just so I could quote this epic lines!

The moment he fell on top of her, literally, was the moment I fell for this book!

This book was E-P-I-C-! EPIC!!!!!

When I started reading this I couldn't get into the story, something about astral planets, projections, blah, blah, blah....
But then something crushed Aurora! Something hard and big and even unconscious still hard and big and with the beauty of angel...

Someday I will get in my backyard, look at the sky, try to meditate and hope that somebody like Gabriel will fall on me and crush me... he can even be unconscious too....

"she was being turned on by unconscious man. it was sad and slightly depraved but she couldn't help it. he might be out cold but his c@ck was the hottest thing she'd felt in years"

"She was aroused, wet and had am amnesiac stranger to deal with."


OMG, I don't even know where to start... how to start...
this book made me laugh like crazy! I really could not believe what am I reading. First i read it to make fun of it, because come on, it's not possible not to laugh at the lines and characters, but then somewhere I got hooked and sucked in the story! And trust me this story has everything! From archangels, demons, aliens, astral projections, teleportations, galaxies, to solving case of kidnapping, to sex (the sex scenes were actually pretty pretty good, very very good, actually I would really love for him to tie me up:D), love, fight, ridiculous dialogues, clubs on other planets, lost love and in the end reincarnation of souls!


So when it comes to characters... I loved them all!!!!


"without meaning to her glance slid to his crotch.he was still aroused as ever. SHE REALLY WAS A SAD PERVERT."

"the zipper on his jeans was undone and although she tried not to stare at his black underwear it was impossible not to.because the silky material strained over his massive erection and really WHERE ELSE COULD A GIRL LOOK BUT THERE?"

indeed... where else?!

But the most I adored Gabriel! Ahhhh Gabe....


the effect he has on EVERY FEMALE, because if you didn't know archangels have that effect, they even can make you come with "entering" your mind:

"Oh god. he was big all right.... Damp? She was more then damp. She was WET."


"a moan vibrated.... "that's it" he growled against her lips ."don't hold back. i want to hear your screams. i want to hear how much you want me inside you."


Gabe, as an archangel, was full of himself to the highest level. He couldn't believe she, as a human, didn't fall at her kness and start kissing his feet... omg he was hilarious!

"He was used to mortals passing out in his presence. But usually they did that the second they met him, not twenty minutes later."

"Sooner or later she'd succumb to the desire in her blood and she would come to him. In the meantime he intended to find a couple of willing females and fuck their primitive brains out."

By the end of the story I was the one that wanted to "bask in his radiance"!

How could you not?!?!?!

"Arousal was flooding every cell of his body as if he'd been nanoseconds from orgasm.And despite the last few moments, he still had a hard-on massive inconvenience ("excruciating hard-on")."

"He stood over her like a conquering barbarian: naked, aroused and holding a deadly dagger"


As i said, first you will laugh at his lines but later you will really fall for him and will be swooning all the time!!!!! This man/archangel will win your heart in a second!!!!!

"Fight all you like. You're not going anywhere.
Get off me.
You're where you belong.
I don't belong here.
You belong wherever I say you do.
You abducted me."

So trust me ladies, you will have fun with this book! You will laugh like crazy and then you will love this egomaniac and everything that comes out of his mouth :DDD