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first I gotta say that MIKE YOU WON MY HEART!


this would be my Mike :) ok a bit older but you get my point :)))



I usually don't read that much romantic suspense, because usually the story is not that wow to me when I focus on the main couple, and I always want more, but this one... this one won me from the first page!!!!!!

I loved the story, loved the writing, loved the characters, I loved everything about this book!!!!
Eva and Mike were awesome!

Blurb from Bookadda:
For the seven years after Operation Slam Dunk went south, Mike Brown got drunk on each anniversary. The eighth year was no different until he was drugged by a woman and woke up to her questions about what had happened eight years ago in Afghanistan.
Though she doesn't trust him, Mike is the only person she can turn to for help. Under an assumed name, Eva convinces Mike to assemble a new team and go after the traitor who screwed up both their lives. As they track down the rogue who started it all, Eva and Mike discover they can't live without each other. But can they stay alive while an enemy is still on the loose?


I just love kick-ass heroins!!!! One of my best heroins ever!


Eva lost a husband in Afganistan. He was in Mike's team. She knows that something went wrong and she blames Mike for it, so she uses her charm and "kidnaps" him, ties him to bed and start to interrogate him! If I was in that situation I would stop the interrogation and just jump him there :D

"we can do this easy," she whispered close to his ear as he groaned in agony, "or it can go real hard on you"

She will do anything to find out the truth and she will put her fear aside until everything is over... but she didn't know that she would be falling for the one guy who she is supposed to hate....


I don't even know what to say... how to say it...
but I can say one thing for sure... you're gonna love him from the first page!


Mike wants to forget, he left everything, lost his friends, and the ones that survived don't want to hear about him because they think he betrayed them...

"the crash...
the explosion...
the fire...
the stench of blood and burned flesh.
the tribunal where he'd lost everything."

My heart just broke for him... He thought he was making a right decision but that cost him everything, his name and his honor.

I did want itsy bitsy more of them together under sheets, because I love those parts, and the sexual tension was killing me, but in the end I did not miss it that much because the story was very interesting and it pulled you in and you wanted to know what really happened and whose fault was it.

But those parts.... oh men... Mike seriously... come to me...

out of body. out of mind. hurry. deep . harder. nothing mattered.

"You need to be horizontal. You need to rest."
"Chica, if i get horizontal, it will be with you. And trust me. We won't be resting."

"What is wrong with you?
-You. You're what's wrong with me. You're shutting me out, chica. I'm scared to death that I'm losing you."

So to sum it up!
A great story! Great characters! Steamy! Action packed! And the only important detail -------> MIKE!