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Entice (Exquisite, #2) - Ella Frank - ok let me just tell you something first:

1. the first book "exquisite" was first published in july 2012
2. i read the first book in august 2012 (so you see i was really waiting really long for this)
3. i've been waiting for the sequel for 5 months!!!!!!!!
4. i reread exquisite couple of times because i love mason
5. i was hoping the second will blow my mind too
6. it didn't

- possible spoilers (depends what will be on my mind during writing the review)!

- i will keep this short.

- i really liked the book, i thought josh was the perfect one, in his torn jeans and leather jacket etc. (yes i am shallow woman)

- the scenes with them were very very hot!

- the chemistry between them was awesome!

- but then somewhere it all went down for me

- to be precise: josh was the reason it all went down for me

- i mean what the f*ck?!?!?!

- don't people anymore date in books? does it have to be instant? do you have to know you want to marry somebody after 3 days or something like that?!?! i mean his constant leaving! every-f*cking-time!!!! so she could realize!?!?! i hate to tell you but that is just stupid! in that period people would actually date and see what will happen!

- him not being there was explained in the end (which i thought would be like that) but still stupid

- some parts were to sweet for me (wedding vows and the ending - i like cheesy but sometimes it doesn't fit the book - to me,i am weird)

- so you see i am in dilemma how to rate this book

- the first half was 4 stars for me, the second 1 star so i will use mathematics and rate it in the middle and give it 3 stars (2.5 actually but nevermind)

- i am really sorry because i really wanted to like it but....

- at least i still have mason to dream about