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Obsession (Darkness Falls, #1) - Ivory Quinn so I got till 7% and was thinking should I continue...NO, JUST NO.....the progress of the story, the way it's all happening... I just don't feel it...I don't feel him, I don't feel her and I don't feel the story at all :(I need build up chemistry, I don't even mind insta lust/love but this... this just isn't griping me to get to at least 10% and see how would I feel after some more....the first passage made me think "oh this is gonna be good", but literally the second one killed that hope!I am missing something, don't know how to describe it, but it's just kinda weird and stupid :(but that is only my opinion and maybe you would really love it :)I am kinda curious to see what goes on behind tags "dark bdsm erotica" for this book but obviously not so curious to actually get to that part because the writing isn't doing it for me :(it's just not for me :(who knows maybe I'll give it another try in the future...