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Moral Authority - Jacob Z. Flores OMG! I SO WANT TO HATE THIS BOOK!!! REALLY HATE!!!! BC I HATE THE WORLD IN IT!!! I HATE IT WITH MY WHOLE HEART!!!!! I FEEL SO WRONG FOR GIVING THIS BOOK 5 STARS BC I FEEL LIKE GIVING THIS WORLD 5 STARS! GAAAHHHHH....OK I HAVE A WARNING FOR ALL YOU "MUST HAVE HEA" READERS NOT TO READ THIS BOOK!NO HEA HERE.... ACTUALLY NOTHING HAPPY IN THIS BOOK...I must say that blurb gives you nothing!! Nothing!!!! At first I had some trouble with getting into the story but as soon as Mark was sent to rehabilitation I was hooked. I could not put it down. Some parts were a bit predictive but I didn't care. Some parts I really didn't see coming. The world was described to every detail. It usually bugs me when there is too much description but in this case I enjoyed it BC I could build the whole world in my head. And let me tell you that I HATE that world. I would burn it to the ground! I started to hate words MORAL and AUTHORITY! In this world everything was punished if it wasn't morally appropriate by the laws. Even for walking too fast you could get into trouble, so you can even imagine what kind horrible things homosexual people endured while being imprisoned. BC America should be a country with high morality, without crime, without speaking your mind, homosexuality etc.There were some scenes that made me shed tears, some scenes that reminded me on some happenings in our history, and that just send chills down my skin.This book has everything. From love, to plots, to horrible world to live in, to people that want to fight it, spies , abuse, torture, hope, murders.... everything.I don't want to say anything about it, you all should just dive into this story without knowing anything. you will hate the ending, I cried ... and the way it ended I wanted to kill somebody!!!! seriously not right.... ending that says so little but gives so much to think about ....