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Beyond Duty - S.J.D. Peterson This was sweet, too sweet for me. I have a problem. I can handle sweet but when I read M/M I don't want that much sweet! I would have rated this book 2 stars, but I liked Mac as a character, so I am bumping it up one more star. In this book pretty much nothing happens except them having sex, and talking about coming out of closet and doing so.With both of them being Marines, (Gunny sub, Mac dom, but the bdsm part is very light and rare), I expected sth more than sweet.I understand the part of story, the problem of being gay in army, but honestly I would have loved more details in that part and less them f*cking each other every minute.I wanted to give up lots of times because the story was kinda slow and not holding my interest. But every time I wanted to do so they started having sex again, and me being slutish wanted to see will there be more rougher bdsm this time.... well it wasn't :(I just expected more something....