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Don't... - Jack L. Pyke BUDDY READ WITH MY GORGEOUS NAUGHTY QUEEN RACHT!i can't believe the day actually came, for her to do a buddy read with her minion :)))))))I don't know how to rate this book... I don't even know how I really feel about this story.. my feelings are literally everywhere!!!!!Only my beloved JACK deserves 5 brilliant stars!!!!!!Oh how I love that man! I love him to bones! Seriously one of my favorite main characters I have ever read! But when it comes to the story....well that is different....I thought it was amazing but I also did not like it (some part... lots of parts), but with Jack being in that picture I tried to embrace that parts.... do I make any sense?! :/The story gripped me from the beginning. I just needed to know everything, all the spoilers but I forced myself not to watch them or to find out how will it end and in the end I was glad I didn't... I was in torture and I was so frustrated so many times and I never knew how I really felt toward some characters but I just could not put it down!You never know where you really are with this one. Every time I thought I know what was really going, on the next page it all changed! Toward the end I wanted to cry so many times! I didn't want some things to happen and even though they had some logic (in the book not in my head) I still didn't like them!I hated Gray in the beginning and I hated him till the end! I never knew what to really think of him and in the end when I started to love him I hated the fact how the book ended (I wanted different ending, I wanted my ending :( huge spoiler alert do not openyes in the end i wanted him to be only with Gray...)Jan I loved in the beginning and I really felt for him but how the story flowed I started to really hate him and his actions and he was so frustrating and annoyed me so many times! And I ended up not wanting him in the end of the book.... but you never get what you want!JACKThere are no words for me to describe how much I fell for that guy! I love him to pieces!!!!! He would be such a delicious dom but given to his past no wonder he needed to be a sub :(I loved everything about him! How he dealt with things, how he felt all the time, every thing that came out of his mouth... I just wanted for him to be finally really happy and to have what he always wanted from the beginning!His relationship with Gray... and his relationship with Jan... I loved it and hated it! It really depended on the chapter.When he took the fault for Jan's actions... it broke my heart :(When he shouted both his and his Master's safe words my heart was broken! The way he felt... omg it shattered me to pieces! I was literally sobbing at that part!The way Jan wanted to learn how to be Gray in Jack's life...OH THAT MADE ME SO ANGRY!!!!! I WANTED TO SERIOUSLY STRANGLE HIM AND GRAY AND THAT LESSON BECAUSE I AM SORRY BUT THAT IS SERIOUSLY NOT RIGHT TO ME!!!!!!And it broke my Jack! And only for that I wanted to kill them!!!!!Then to punish him/teach him lesson for acting the way any normal person would... oh I was killing them in my mind on so many ways!!!!!The BDSM scene is a bit intense and abusive, and the book is a really huge mindf*ck but I am not sorry I read it because I don't know have I ever loved any character the way I love Jack! "...you can have me anytime you fucking want; my body, mind, soul, it’s yours...."