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Taming a Highland Devil - Kimberly Killion spoilersWell this was.... hmmm... don't know hahahaI was expecting it to be a good, safe, short choice about HIGHLANDER!Obviously my expectations were high... too high..."He’d built up his stamina over the years which had earned him the name Devil of Dunrobin."The book started... well i didn't mind the start so much (his whoring with maids) as i found really disgusting what followed.When his betrothed arrives, he discovers the chieftain has two sisters. One is in the bloom to deliver him lots of his babies and the other sister is way beyond to deliver him his babies but he can't choose in the beginning so he decides to ... well try out both of them in his bed chambers :)“I just turned two and thirty. I’m hardly dead.”“Do ye still bleed?”The younger one goes first and she isn't virgin (because she heard his famous reputation, yes you know which reputation, and didn't want to disappoint him......... YEAH RIGHT.....), but if she was he would have waited for their marriage. So the younger one TAKES IT OUT and does the job!Now comes the older one... well she doesn't actually because she hides from him because she knows she could love him easily and she doesn't want to ruin her sister's marriage because she already had a family but lost it in war.But he is very interested in the older one so he tries but all he gets is NO as an answer.One day Effie (the older one) realizes that Vanna (younger one) is having an afair with someone so to keep Magnus from Vanna's room she tells him that maybe she is interested to be his wife.I can not believe but I actually started to like the story from this part ....“Do ye fear me?”“I fear the wanting of ye.” ............“Ye asked me if I feared ye, and the truth is, I do. I fear trusting ye. I fear what will happen to my heart if I offer it to ye. But I’m no coward.” She poked him. “As terrifying as the prospect is to me, I let ye in. I allowed ye to touch my heart. I allowed ye to kiss my scars.”He snorted and kept his eyes guarded. “Ye have no scars. Yourskin is flawless.” “Ye are wrong. My scars are here.” She pressed his hand against her heart." ............"My enemy’s blade cut a hole in my chest and left my arms empty.”“I could fill that hole. I could fill your arms and heal your scars.”...but as you might have guessed it didn't last long. "He was big. Verra big."“Ye look terrified.” He wrapped his arms around her and leaned into her ear. “It will fit. I vow it.”“’Tis not the size of your cock that concerns me.”“Then what is it?”“I fear I will disappoint ye,” she admitted..............“I can smell your desire for me. ’Tis like a bouquet of burning flowers.”............."He pumped two fingers in and out of her and snuck his pinkie into the forbidden ring of her rectum." ............“Few women are capable of ejaculation. It pleases me verra much to know ye are one of the few.” ............here we have a small soft amount of "bdsm"...........So he obviously chose Effie and goes to fetch a minister but when he comes back he can not marry her because Vanna is pregnant... ...but no worries not with him, with her stepbrother...But Effie finds out the truth and weeeeeeee we have a HEA :)