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The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling REALLY?! I MEAN, REALLY?!?!? it would be 1 star (didn't like) but the way jack apologized in the fucking end, IN THE END, actually saved the book. i mean i was so frustrated with them! this review will contain lots of spoilers so please don't tell me you haven't been warned, because i ain't hiding them!first: it was like reading soft version of "beautiful disaster";second:all the time he called her kitten and all the time i tried to remember why is that so fucking familiar to me too, together with first one,in which book did he call her also like that all the time and also teased her about it, and then it hit me!;third:are you girl really so fucking stupid??!!!!!!!?!?!?! i've read books that have more irritating heroine then this, but this, this is..... arrrrgh i mean he cheats you, then he gets her pregnant then he goes and marries her (EVEN THOUGH YOU BEGGED HIM NOT TO), then he comes back but you leave, then you mope because he doesn't even bother to text you for 6 months but then he comes and then he apologizes on the most cutest way ever (this i have to admit is the reason i gave one more star) and above all of that YOU ARE APOLOGIZING TO HIM!!!!!! WTF?!?!!?!?! IS SOMETHING WRONG IN THIS UNIVERSE??!?!?!?!?!forth:jack is obviously stupid! his logic is so stupid and so irritating and so "uuu i need to be punished for hurting her so i'll do everything to fuck things even more worse"...honestly i wanted to kick them both for being so annoying!this book started so boring then started to give a hint to become something but then jumped to soooo much drama, and then i was just rolling my eyes and wanting to end this because it was becoming so frustrating to read it! i apologize for such a outburst but i feel better now...