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Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux This was absolutely, at least to me, the best one in the series! THE BEST! I don't remember when was the last time I laughed so hard while reading a book. I always loved the humor between Ty and Zane but in this one I was laughing from the first page and I don't think I even stopped til the end! I loved every f***ing page! And I didn't want it to end, no no! But as I was reaching to the end, as much as I was dreading to finish it, because that meant no more Ty and Zane til april and no more laughing, I couldn't wait to see how will it end! And the end! OMG SO F***ING ADORABLE! HAPPY TEARS ALERT!Soooo about the story....We have coming out of closet in both their families! And we have coming out of closet literally.... oh yes that was one seriously hot scene! Actually I think I re-read every hot scene at least two times! At least! If you read this book please make arrangement for you to NOT TO BE DISTURBED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!There is no way I could say which scene was my favorite in the book because this whole book is screaming: SERIOUSLY THE BEST OF THE BEST FROM THE START TO THE END! YOU WILL BE HAPPY AND YOU WILL BE SAD! YOU WILL BE FANNING YOURSELF THE WHOLE TIME! YOU WILL BE AROUSED AND YOU WILL WANT TO CRAWL IN THAT BOOK AND POSITIONED YOURSELF BETWEEN THOSE TWO DELICIOUS MALE SPECIMENS (if you know what I mean :D)!I loooooooved what Texas did to Zane as much as Ty did! I mean, please! How can a writer be so cruel and make someone such as Zane is?!?!?!!?!?!? Seriously where is justice in that to only read about someone like Zane?! I am damaged for all other book-alpha-males! I wanted to hold him when his mother was such a bitch! How can you be so cruel and cold to your son?! Especially after everything he has gone through and not to see that Ty is the reason your son is not ok now, but HAPPY SO MUCH HE COULD BURST! Isn't that enough? Thank god for Harrison! How he accepted Ty from the very beginning simply because his son is finally laughing again.... isn't that so adorable?!Ok the way Tys dad reacted... seriously not cool but at least it was not because of who Ty loves, it was because of not telling the truth years ago and running away... And Chester! what to say you simply gotta love that character!I won't even try to comment how kitties any size love Ty, that is too funny to read... Now when it comes to some scenes (read: phone sex, rubbing in car, closet sex, "stetson" sex...) .... mmmmmm yep you would want to be in Tys shoes.... really... *taking deep breaths to calm myself*And OMG I almost forgot! The talk about their future.... and the scene when Zane gives Ty his 'Stetson' hat and tells him that back in high school if you give your girlfriend your stetson you want her for the rest of your life.... *SERIOUSLY MELTING*What else to say... I wanna give my 'stetson' hat to Zane :)And I just have to say that I am not happy that there wasn't described scene when Zane licked Ty...... Whoa! Why don't we have that scene?! Seriously why did even Zane have to mention that he did it?!?!!? *very frustrated*"...a six-pack he had once licked whipped cream from...."