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Dark Soul: The Complete Collection - Aleksandr Voinov If you have a cute little curios dog like I do, NEVER leave your laptop on couch while you write a review unattended!so now I will keep it short because I am tired...This was my first book/series I read from this author. My friend even prepared me with "light" m/m literature so I could read any book from this author.So I decided to start with this one and honestly I am simply at loss of words. "Into your darkest corner, you are safe in my love, you are protected." - Agapi StassinopoulosThere is absolutely not one thing I did not like. I wouldn't want to change anything.I loved the writing, I consumed the story and I fell in love with ALL the characters! Yes, you read it right... ALL!The way the story went was simply amazing!Even at one scene when I did not want something to happen, but it did, at the end of it I was not even shocked. I just thought "how beautiful". Then my second thought was "am I weird if i loved it?". Even if I wanted to hate it because of that, I just couldn't because I was already so deep in it and there was no way out...And that is just the thing. You can not NOT love it!The whole story consumes you from the very beginning and you just can not put it down! I was dreading to read the 5th vol. because I did not want it to end!You will fall in love with that darkness inside Silvio, the way he wanted to have something to hold on and not to lose it. You will love every disturbing or violent moment in this book.You will be even shocked at yourself because you will find some of them arousing. You will be conflicted with your feelings about this book, you will be riding an emotional roller coaster but I assure you that in the end you will 100% love it!Ask me again when you're inside me, and I might even whisper the truth. If he'd been able to, he'd have washed the traces of every touch away. Carved all hurt, pain, resentment, disappointment, and failure out of his soul and burned it.So what I really want to tell you is this :