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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover This book would be amazing 5 stars for me but....but....somewhere around last 15% I was really wanting it to finish already.Don't get me wrong, I really liked the story and both characters, I think Holder was amazing.... but...but....all the stretched *eye-rolling* drama near the end... really killed my 5star love for this book. They, as a couple were great. Liked Sky and I really loved Holder. I must admit that their first NON-kiss was very hot and I was literally swooning over 70% of stuff that got out of his mouth... but...but....then started going out of everybody's mouth how strong she is, how beautiful she is, all the strength and love she has, how she will endure this because she is strong, how she doesn't need anybody's help because of the strength in her soul or whatever... bla... bla.. bla...I really felt for her, as the secrets were outspoken but...but...all the period she was coping with it near the end, I started to think "oh get over it already" which is really horrible of me, because of the situation she was in and stuff she found out.But the rest of the book was really amazing! I really could not put it down ... but...but....that last part made me struggle to finish it.