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Darkhouse - Karina Halle I am afraid.... I am very afraid.... afraid to write this review... because I have a feeling GR community, that is a big fan of this series, will probably make me suffer by locking me in a room with lighthouse keeper... I had this feeling too when I was writing a review for KA's book RAID. So many people loved it, and worships the author, that I was terrified to write that it was really nothing special.I have heard that this series gets better with every following book and that is why I was literally pushing myself to finish this first book in the series so I could jump on others that are much better and see what the fuss is all about with Dex & Perry.TERRORso many updates and so many gifs gave me the impression that this books is spooky and scary....So I got myself wondering ... DECLAN DEX FORAYLiked him, I have a feeling I will like him more as the story goes but... as mysterious as he was and with knowledge that I will probably end up loving him and his mustache, I didn't feel that SWOON BOND with him for now...don't hate me :(PERRY PALOMINOAs a character I really liked her. She cracked me up sometimes but again... I already have a feeling I will like her more as the story goes... so I will leave my high expectations for other books.don't hate me :(OVERALLIn this experiment of terror I didn't feel that terror. I do hope I will feel some "horror" as the story goes and I am curious to see how will story unfold with Dex & Perry because I read some really good quotes from other sequels and I am really looking forward to that whole situation with them and his girlfriend. But this book...the story and the characters... I am sorry but it really didn't rock my boat...don't hate me :(*buddy read w/ Shelly*