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Dirty Thirty - Cara McKenna buddy with my english rose ok I don't know should I give this 3 or 4 stars...it was really good but in this short MMF I wanted really bad for F to be out of the picture! OUT!I don't know why but she was really annoying to me and she didn't to anything bad.. I think the reason for it was that she was maybe to perfect, to open for the scenario and... ah I don't know...I think Paul and Evan were perfect together, so every time she bugged in I wanted to tell her to mind her own business and leave the room...because those two together were really hot!I did find out that I will never read books with dominatrix, even though here wasn't the case of it, but she spanking him is just... dunno... it really ruins the mood for me bwahaha obviously not my cuppa so obviously anything more I won't like bwahahaI did think the ending would be different... it was just too... normal, like they did that millions of times together and that made it look a bit awkward...so because I am a shallow woman and because I LOVED Paul