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Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Actually 4.5, i blocked one scene from my mind...This is hot, steamy, funny as shit story with lots of OMG sex!Trey is one of my favorite alpha male, but he lost my undying love when he did what he did in the scene which i blocked from my mind...it's not that the scene doesn't fit the story (if you read it Trey explained the very non logic reason why he did what he did, but hell i can't understand wolfs needs because i ain't a shifter), it's because it was a bit disturbing to read it. That was definitely not hot for me!But he is one seriously hot, possessive, cocky alpha male with very much stamina, very indeed (fangirling on the highest level) :)Taryn is probably the best heroine ever (ok she swears a lot, i mean a lot), she is so funny and i so loved it that she's not some weak girl that needs to be protected because she can't defend herself! I liked them as a couple, they fit perfectly together.I never would have guessed who's the mole in the pack, when it comes to the story, but then again i was to much obsessed with their sex life to pay that much attention on that detail so much :)That was one hot dirty talk through the whole book and so many witty comebacks from her side and if i would go now and write "some" of mine favorite quotes and her non ladylike answers i would be copy pasting pretty much like 70% of the book!I'm definitely gonna read the sequel but next time if it's gonna have another orgy scene i think i'm gonna skip it.. (i know, i know sex sells everything but please draw the fricking line somewhere!)