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Freeing Asia (Breaking Free, #1) - E.M. Abel DNF AT 15%WARNING: IF YOU WANT TO READ THIS BOOK, DO NOT READ MY REVIEW! MAYBE I WILL BE TOO HARSH BUT I DID WARN YOU.We can't all love the same books. I am 100% sure millions of people hated or dnf-ed books I find amazing. So in this case I am apparently the one that hates the book that everyone else seems to love.I wanted to read this book since I saw the blurb and arc-review. It sounded perfect, just how I love them. Full of angst, drama, triangle, heartache, etc.Does it have it? I honestly have no f*cking idea BC I gave up in the middle of chapter 7. I really do not need Pulitzer worth writing in book to love it, but I do need to see the writing that at least shows me that kids couldn't write it better. well I didn't see that here at all.This was simply horrible... well at least to me.The writing was just terrible...The characters and the connection between them... for the love of god... ridiculous and terrible.In this case I so wish for English to be my first language so I could know more words for really bad.Asia is ... well... honestly I am at loss of words. There wasn't one thing that didn't annoy the hell of me and honestly.... eyerolling was the only action I did while reading this 15%.I just don't see it. I can't even make myself to read more. It's not even funny. it's just ...bad :-( sorry lovely people... just not my cuppa ....