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Aftermath - Cara Dee When I first started reading this book I really expected it to be really dark because of the blurb. But honestly I think it's one of the sweetest story I read. Usually don't like too sweet books but this one was perfect. It wasn't over the top,there wasn't any drama or any angst in the process of their relationship. It was actually pretty normal how everything went. You have present time and parts when they have flashbacks and remember how it was when they were abducted, hold captive and abused.Austin and Cam were in the same cell for months. In those months they became close but as support and comfort and as needing somebody to keep them hoping they will survive. They had only each other to rely on. After escaping they stayed close and continued to help each other even after everything, because they knew that nobody could understand them as they do each other.Austin ,straight, realised that he started having feelings for Cam and what I loved about this book is that he just went in it. Without any fear,curious to see how will Cam,bisexual, accept it. OMG I loved them all the time. Everything was so easy to read. The story flew so normally. When they were together.... just beautiful, sweet and normal. When they were having sex.... bloody hell.... LOVED IT ♥ It was described so normal without any poetic bullshit. Just normal sex scenes that were hot as hell.Maybe the reason I love this book so much is the normal process of going in relationship without any drama, if you extract the flashbacks parts.I really loved both characters, I couldn't pick which one I love more and when they were together it was impossible for me not to love it. Cam with his medical issues and Austin with his personal problems.... together they were perfect. Even though messed up, they were perfect. It felt so normal for them to be together ♥I would have rated this story 4 stars but after thinking how much I came to love both Austin and Cam I just can't. That last 5th star is actually for them and how perfect they are for me.